Best African Safari Experiences

African Safari Experiences are something everyone should do at least once in their lives. From all-inclusive private African safaris to more intimate family vacations in Kruger National Park South Africa, there’s a wide range of African Safari Experiences, from hot-air balloon safari experiences above the enormous Serengeti herds of the Great Migration to eco-tours in Africa and world-class scuba diving in the turquoise waters of African Oceans, safari excursions come in all sizes and shapes.

African Safari Experiences are among the most thrilling and fulfilling vacations you can imagine. Seeing all that the African continent has to offer is a goal of many people’s dreams. There is a vast array of safari experiences to do in Africa like the exciting migration Safaris to viewing  the Big Five to hiking in the majestic mountains or relaxing on the beautiful sand beaches of either Zanzibar or Cape town.

With Active African Vacations, you can rest assured that they will design a personalized itinerary to meet all of your requirements for an African safari. Here are some of our most requested African safari packages to help you get started. Many of our customers prefer to relax on one of the stunning beaches in South Africa, Kenya, Zanzibar or Mauritius after an exciting safari. Would that pique your interest as well?
Whether you want to modify an existing safari to fit your African needs or pick from our most popular itineraries, we’re here to help. Experience an African safari at your own pace, designed just for you.

Northern Circuit Route Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro Trekking Expeditions – Luxury Safaris Tanzania. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, climbing is really wonderful though challenging in nature. The dormant volcano for the past 120 years has been the world’s most hiking and climbing destination for most tourists all over the globe. Read More

Great Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest Migration Serengeti Tanzania – Wow! What a wonderful experience with a relaxing trip that is delightful, absolutely amazing, with so many animals, perfect lodges, with a fantastic game drive. Wildebeest viewing in the country with epic topography is really wonderful. Read More

wildebeest migration in Maasai Mara

Wow! What a wonderful experience? Wildebeest Migration Maasai Mara viewing in Kenya’s premier Masai Mara is awful and unforgettable due to the abundance of wildlife and the spectacular landscapes. Read More

Gorilla Trekking Uganda

Luxury Gorilla Trekking Uganda & Gorilla Safari Packages. Mountain gorilla are the most endangered of all the gorilla types and were expected to be extinct by the twentieth century. Wondering what is Luxury Gorilla trekking experience is like?, there is no more need to hastate to opt for Luxury Gorilla trekking in Uganda. The wonderland is the best place to visit for primate trekking. Read More

Congo Gorilla Trekking

Luxury Gorilla Trekking Rwanda. The country is a famous destination for primate tracking on the planet, set against the backdrop of its endless green hills that soar in the mountainsides. The country is a superb destination for primates tracking in general and includes the fun-loving Sykes monkey, the Golden monkey, and the boisterous chimpanzee that rule the Nyungwe Forest. Read More

Wildebeests in Serengeti

Luxury Bush Camping Serengeti Tanzania – A country with epic topography, Tanzania is a wilderness and wildlife adrenalin of East Africa. This vast and sparsely-populated country hosts some of the greatest wildlife experiences on Earth, including the Africa’s “Big Five” animals. Make your dream African safari more magical and memorable, by travelling in the continent’s extravaganza. Read More

Bush Camping Masai Mara

Luxury Bush Camping Masai Mara Kenya. No need to hesitate, Kenya is the archetypal African safari destination just like her neighbor Tanzania. The beautiful country is synonymous with the annual Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra, and home to several iconic parks in the continent, like the premier Maasai Mara National Reserve as well as a slew of private conservancies. Read More

Bush Camping Kidepo

Luxury Bush Camping Kidepo Valley National Park is located in the North-Eastern part of Uganda. Kidepo is the most beautiful Park for luxury bush camping safaris. Luxury Bush Camping in Kidepo Valley National Park is located in the far North-Eastern part of Uganda. Kidepo National Park stretches on about 1,442 square kilometers where it encounters scenery unsurpassed in any other park in East Africa. Read More

Game Viewing in Kenya

Luxury Game Viewing in Kenya. Wow! What a wonderful experience? Dreaming of an African safari, get the finest by visiting East Africa’s famous wildlife viewing destination, Kenya. The country is a famous destination for African Safaris. The country’s National Parks and Reserves have outstanding wildlife populations in the region. Masai Mara Reserve is the country’s adrenaline with a wide variety of wildlife, and home to the Great Migration. Read More

Game Drives in Tanzania

Best Game Viewing in Tanzania. What a wonderful experience? Your dream African safari can be more magical and wonderful. Get the finest by visiting East Africa’s famous wildlife viewing destination, Tanzania. The country is a famous destination for African Safaris. The country’s National Parks and Reserves have outstanding wildlife populations in the region. Serengeti National Park is the country’s wildlife adrenaline with a wide variety of wildlife, and home to the Great Wildebeest Migration. Read More

Victoria Falls in Zambia

Victoria Falls is a spectacular site that any traveler must visit. The falls are regarded as the world’s greatest curtain of falling water, a natural wonder that is clearly seen from great distances in both Zimbabwe and Zambia. The Great Zambezi River that flows through six countries with a total distance of 2700 kilometers is the fourth largest river in the world. Read More

seronera great wildebeest migration central Serengeti

Seronera is indulged deep in the heart of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Seronera is famed as a capital for predator sighting in Serengeti. Home to the oldest tourist lodge in Tanzania, a must-visit while in Serengeti National Park. Safaris in Serengeti National park will grant you a chance to visit Seronera and all we can guarantee is an exceptional adventure for you while here. Read More

Ndutu Serengeti

Located in Serengeti National Park, Ndutu is a popular spot for safaris in Tanzania. A visit to Ndutu area is rewarding with great opportunities to spot top wildlife. The area has sweet expanses of grass plains that stretch from the western side of Ngorongoro Conservation Area, advancing to the southeast part of the National Park. Read More

Western Corridor safari

The Western Corridor is another famous safari spot in Serengeti National Park. The western corridor stretches following the course of the Grumeti River from Serengeti Central for about 100 kilometers out towards Lake Victoria. The corridor is a great place to visit for wildlife viewing safaris as the river attracts a lot of animals, and safaris here can really be action-packed. Read More

Northern Serengeti

High in the north, the region is a famous safari spot for wildebeest migration safaris. The northern Serengeti is unspoiled and beautiful and quiet in comparison to the southern Serengeti plains. The area stretches from the Lobo Hills southwards to Seronera and is typified by green rolling hills, which is a pleasant diversion from the much flatter southern plains. Read More