Best African Safari Experiences

African Safari Experiences are something everyone should do at least once in their lives. From all-inclusive private African safaris to more intimate family vacations in Kruger National Park South Africa, there’s a wide range of African Safari Experiences, from hot-air balloon safari experiences above the enormous Serengeti herds of the Great Migration to eco-tours in Africa and world-class scuba diving in the turquoise waters of African Oceans, safari excursions come in all sizes and shapes.

African Safari Experiences are among the most thrilling and fulfilling vacations you can imagine. Seeing all that the African continent has to offer is a goal of many people’s dreams. There is a vast array of safari experiences to do in Africa like the exciting migration Safaris to viewing  the Big Five to hiking in the majestic mountains or relaxing on the beautiful sand beaches of either Zanzibar or Cape town.

With Active African Vacations, you can rest assured that they will design a personalized itinerary to meet all of your requirements for an African safari. Here are some of our most requested African safari packages to help you get started. Many of our customers prefer to relax on one of the stunning beaches in South Africa, Kenya, Zanzibar or Mauritius after an exciting safari. Would that pique your interest as well?
Whether you want to modify an existing safari to fit your African needs or pick from our most popular itineraries, we’re here to help. Experience an African safari at your own pace, designed just for you.

Hidden Gems of Africa

Africa is brimming with off-the-beaten-path wonders that should go on everyone’s bucket list. Travelers may truly appreciate the uniqueness and diversity of Africa by venturing off the main path. In search of Africa’s lesser-known treasures? You will be astounded by these top-secret locations.

Fly in African Safaris

Planes often with only one propeller, and dusty fields for landing are the norm for fly-in safaris. The apparent benefits of seeing more in less time, most safari travelers find that a fly-in safari adds an extra element of excitement and thrill to their trip.

Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Gorilla Trekking

Three of the world’s top destinations for gorilla safaris are located in Africa. In the safari Industry, the countries of Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo are well-known as the best places to undertake gorilla trekking in the wild, unspoiled jungles of the world.

Lake Manyara National Park Tanzania

Big 5 African Safaris

Viewing the African Big 5 species in one safari is only possible in a handful of African destinations, and each of those locations offers its own unique safari experience. In this safari guide, our safari specialists will go over all of your options and the best ways to see the African Big Five.

Hot Air Baloon Safaris

African Hot Air Balloon Safaris

If you’re planning a Hot air balloon safari, we suggest going to one of the most iconic and original safari locations in Africa, like Tanzania’s Serengeti or Kenya’s Masai Mara, to really appreciate the bird’s-eye view.

African Beach Holidays

African Beach Holidays

Beach vacations in Africa can take you to a wide variety of settings, from beautiful tropical shoreline to wild coastlines and lively coastal towns. Variety of landscapes and cultural experiences are offered by each African beach destination.

Honey Moon African Vacations

Honey Moon African Vacations

Indulge in the most romantic honeymoon ever on an African safari, complete with visits to some of the world’s most famous animal reserves and the most beautiful beaches.

African Golf Safaris

African golf safaris are the ideal combination of excitement and leisure; we’ve also left plenty of room for customization, but the round itself is what really matters.

Chobe National Park African Photographic Safaris

African Photographic Safaris

With its dedicated photographic safaris, Africa provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the photography enthusiasts. These tours are designed with photographers in mind, unlike the typical safari.

&Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas Camps 

All inclusive African Safari

All inclusive African safari experience is charge daily per person and covers lodging, meals, snacks, standard drinks, and game-viewing. This is why all-inclusive African safaris may seem pricey but in fact, they’re very affordable.

Eco Tourism in Africa

Eco-tourism is vital to Africa’s tourism industry, which depends on nature and wildlife. Luckily, Africa offers ecotourism from Sahara camping to aiding remote villages.

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