Zanzibar Island Safaris: Zanzibar Beach Experience

The pristine Zanzibar Island is one of Tanzania’s best destinations to ever visit on your safari to the country. From the name that is evocative – romantic, almost as the spices that made this Indian Ocean archipelago a global success story centuries ago with the endless shimmering beaches, lapping waves and long, lazy sunsets viewed preferably from a hammock, this may sound familiar to many but really amazing. 

Zanzibar Beach Experience
Zanzibar Beach Experience

The island is blessed with ornate Omani imperial architecture with the vibrant Islamic religion and culture. The island is made up of the long pristine beaches with the purest sand.  To fully explore the sultry Indian Ocean Island, it may require digging a little deeper.

The street of the stone town – with the mystical, old-world charms and exotic mix of Arabic, African and European influence will blow your mind. The Stone Town is the historical and cultural heart of the pristine Island. While on the island, you will see the tangled alleyways that are made for getting lost in and there’s something intriguing around every cobbled corner: gaze at the intricate doors and ornate mosques, barter for coffee from the local merchants or uncover the ghosts of the past in a museum or two. Wow what a wonderful experience!

The dhow trip at the sunset is amazing and must do in Zanzibar. The white sailed shows billowing across the horizon are best to experience the Ocean breeze. The sails are usually done on the traditional wooden boats that are found everywhere around the Island. Gliding up the coast at sunset is an unbeatable way to see the island in all its palm-fringed glory. 

During the sail to head northeast of the Island and float around the glorious Mnemba Atoll where you will enjoy the view of the sinking sun with a cocktail in hand will blow your mind.

Kite – surf – If the presence of some much-needed golden rays, a long white beach and burbling Turquoise Ocean makes you feel like you can take on anything, the best would be to take on the kite – surfing challenge. The experience is really thrilling and joyful on the long coastline and shallow bathtub warm waters in the eastern coast of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Beach Experience
Zanzibar Beach Experience

Visiting the turtle project – the turtle project was started in 1993; the project protects the Hawksbill turtles and the Green turtles that are hunted for their patterned shells and Meat respectively. The project is a center of community education providing them with information such as the dangers of poaching of the beautiful creatures. The lust after the wildlife left behind on safari, you will relax by spending an afternoon with the endangered turtles at the Mnarani Project in Nungwi.

A tour at the spicy Island is wonderful!! By the mere say of Zanzibar Island, many start thinking of the exotic moniker, however the spice Island also has a variety of fruits. Getting lowdown to the Island on a spice tour will offer you a great opportunity to explore the exotic  plantations dotted around the island, where cloves, nutmeg, lemongrass and black pepper grow next to jackfruit, mango and the somewhat ‘fragrant’ Durian fruit – we’ll leave the verdict on that one up to you! 

Diving in the deep Indian Ocean – the Mnemba Island is home to scuba – diving. Most travellers have not hesitated including it on their bucket list when planning their trip to the Island and it has been a great success to many. The Island has several diving schools that you will see during your trip. While there,  no bad place to dive in those balmy turquoise waters, we might have a favourite, and it goes by the name Mnemba Island. Just one sandy mile in circumference, the island is the epitome of beach bliss but what makes it even better is the protection zone that surrounds it, conserving coral reefs where clouds of tropical fish rub shoulders with Giant turtles and bottlenose dolphins. Quick, grab your flippers!

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