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The Compelling Reasons to Choose Us as your African Safari Experts

  • Amiable African travel agent.

We don’t just live in Africa, we love Africa. Africa is our Motherland and we are happy and willing to show around our home. East Africa serves as our residence and serves as a hub for our Safaris within the African continent.

  • The only Affordable Luxury African Safari Company.

By minimizing our company overheads, we ensure that you have the your value for money which means you will engage in a wider range of activities and experiences throughout your safari on a lower cost.

  • We organize with you in your African Safari in the Best Time to Visit

Familiarize yourself with the optimal timing and of specific locations to visit in Africa, as well as the activities to engage in while your stay in Africa. Inquire with us for better recommendations on local weather Patterns and the best time to visit specific destinations and we also provide comprehensive safari guides for any desired location.

5. Effective and prompt service
Our Friendly and knowledgeable Luxury African travel Experts promptly address any inquiry you may have about the African Safari

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