Victoria Falls Experiences

Victoria Falls Experience, Facts, Activities & Safaris

Victoria Falls is a spectacular site that any traveler must visit. The falls are regarded as the world’s greatest curtain of falling water, a natural wonder that is clearly seen from great distances in both Zimbabwe and Zambia. The Great Zambezi River which flows through six countries with a total distance of 2700 kilometers is the fourth largest river in the world.

The Zambezi River water plummets on a large cliff that is approximately 1,708 meters wide with a height of 108 meters, this has created a spray of water that resembles smoke and can be seen from great distances, in miles.

The experience in the falls is really amazing and the Falls are worth visiting. To clearly discover the wonder of Victoria Falls and the great Zambezi River will necessitate digging a little dipper.

On your safari to Victoria Falls, there are several activities in which you participate and have a great thrilling experience of the falls. From the Upper Zambezi River, where you’re sure to spot wildlife as the sun goes down, take a guided tour of the falls and learn more about its history as you watch the long, crashing streams flow. Victoria Falls Experience, Facts, Activities & Safaris – A range of optional extras is also on offer for further exploration of this African jewel, such as rafting, kayaking, and a scenic helicopter ride.

Victoria Falls Experiences
Victoria Falls Experiences

The experience here is really wonderful!! While at the falls, you will be able to observe the water that is high and the spray from the falls is like a steady rain in places. Is incredible the volume of water and the sounds the falls make?

On your safari to Victoria Falls, you can hear the thunder of the water while still in town. Towards the end of the waterfalls, it looks like a steady rain shower that is really spectacular to see.

A guided tour of the falls is one of the best things to opt for while there.

The tour guides at the fall are very knowledgeable about the falls and during your tour, you will be able to learn more about the waterfalls. The guides will take you through the walkways in the falls as you enjoy sweet tellings of the history of the falls. The walkways are always slippery and in our opinion, we would highly recommend you to wear good shoes.

The best things to do while over the Falls include the Aerial experience and micro-lighting over the Falls. The micro-lighting over Victoria Falls is like no other experience and it can’t really be explained, however, a must be experienced. Viewing the thundering Victoria falls from above in an open cockpit microlight airplane that can carry one passenger and one pilot is really thrilling and wonderful and perhaps the best aerial experience.

Victoria Falls in Zambia
Victoria Falls in Zambia

The Micro lighting over the Falls exposes you to the element and you can feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face wow!!

Above the Falls perhaps you can enjoy the riverboat cruise and canoe upstream from the Falls. The famous sunset booze cruises can be done here and are one of the must-do while on your safari at Victoria Falls. On both sides of the Falls, there are several operators that offer cruising services.

The sunset cruises are a fine way to enjoy the beautiful vegetation lining the Zambezi as well as limited game viewing and lots of birding.

Canoeing above the Falls is another way to have a great view of the “smoke that thunders”, as well as the beauty of the riverside and its animal life. Whether you are an avid bird watcher, wildlife fan, or just want to experience the peace and tranquility of the river, an “above the Falls” canoe trip is a great way to get to know the islands and inlets of this remarkable area.

The best time to visit Victoria Falls is during the high water season from January to early May, when the Zambezi River is at full flow. For the average holiday traveler, Victoria Falls provides an absolutely awesome experience, whilst for the adventure-seeker, this is the best time for white water rafting on the Zambezi.

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