Four Season Safari Lodge in Serengeti, Tanzania

A four-season safari lodge is situated in the heart of the world’s most celebrated wildlife reserves, where the Big Five – the lion, the leopard, the buffalo, the elephant, and the rhinoceros – run free on the endless, untamed landscape. Perched on a series of elevated platforms and walkways, the Lodge sits next to an animal watering hole, where you can watch a family of elephants stop for their morning drink as you sip your own out on your room’s private balcony.

Four Season Safari Lodge
Four Season Safari Lodge

Under the constant protection of local Maasai tribespeople, you can have a chance to adventure in the bushes for an exhilarating game drive, or you can soar high in the sky on a hot-air balloon safari. However you spend your day, the Spa will be waiting to help you rehydrate, restore and re-energize for your next adventure. 

Four season Safari Lodge Review

In the heart of the Serengeti National Park, there are five free-standing pool villas that offer the ultimate hideaway for an unforgettable safari adventure.

With a choice of one, two, and three bedrooms, each villa boasts panoramic views of the Serengeti plains. From your safari home, discover the animals and nature of Africa’s best-known wildlife sanctuary, naturally set apart – aside from the passing wildlife.

The experience here is fantastic, with private entrances, the Villas may be enjoyed for standalone stays or with full access to all of the Lodge’s restaurants and recreational activities – in our opinion is the best place to enjoy your luxury trip in Tanzania. Thus the choice remains yours.

The lodge is made up of several facilities that include the swimming pool, spa, fitness center, kids club, game room, gift shop, all are great and worthy to be. The in-room amenities include WiFi, Air conditioner, Private deck, and En-suite bathrooms.

The lodge is remarkably outstanding in the region, well build, perhaps the best place to enjoy a luxurious experience in Tanzania

Four-season Safari Lodge experience

the lodge is a fantastic place to be the fact that this place is in the middle of nowhere and it’s truly amazing. The services offered are the best to ever enjoy on an African safari.

four season safari lodge Serengeti
four season safari lodge Serengeti

While here, the food is great and perhaps the best place to enjoy the most praised cocktail. The services are truly warm and absolutely above and beyond amazing.

The rooms are possibly the nicest, best decorated, and well-thought-out rooms that you have ever lived in. From the Masai blanket trim on the very thick robes to the African decor, every detail here is perfect.

Needless to say, every linen, pillow, fixture, and piece of furniture is just right. Having a negative edge plunge pool looking over a stunning view of the savannah with not a trace of humans is wonderful and perfect.

The top activities that can be done here are game drives, where you will see several elephants roaming in the park. It’s amazing to be so close to such supremely strong beasts and to watch them search for a game, gazing, eyes afire, right through your vehicle. Guided walks in the forest.

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