And Beyond Klein’s Camp

And Beyond Klein’s Camp

& Beyond Klien’s Camp is a classic luxury lodge situated in a private concession bordering both the Serengeti and The Maasai Mara perched on the crest of Kuka Hills providing some of the spectacular panoramic views of the two famous locations, which host the largest wildlife migrations on earth and breathtaking views of the African wilderness and the stunning environment of wooded slopes, rolling grasslands, and forested river banks, all of which are teaming with the diverse species.

And Beyond Kleins Camp
And Beyond Kleins Camp

Rooms in And Beyond Klein’s Camp

&Beyond Klien’s Camp is made up of 10 charming huts with a beautiful wooden floor and traditional decor all under a local stone and Makuti thatched cottages boasting the magnificent views of wild Africa, wooded hillsides, rolling grasslands, and forested riverbanks teaming up with the diverse wildlife. Each room consists of the following;-

  • Personal bar
  • Private Verandah
  • Shower
  • Hairdryer
  • Internet
  • Telephone
  • General facilities
  • Swimming pool
  • Bar and lounge
  • Fitness center
  • Safari shop
  • Boma
  • Vegetation Garden
  • Outdoor dinning locations
And Beyond Kleins Camp
And Beyond Kleins Camp

Activities in And Beyond Klein’s Camp

  • Game drives;– Offers both day and night game drives with stops for sunrise and sunset. The expertly trained guides a will roam around with you to experiencing their your favorite species of wildlife and will make every effort to accommodate your requests, whether that means tracking an animal or spending longer time at sightings. Additionally, guides will describe the varied habitat of the Serengeti.
  • Bush dinner;- Enjoy a dinner prepared just as it was served to early African explorers, In Tanzania everything tastes better outside, and this is especially true when you are eating while being surrounded by wildlife. On the exclusive &Beyond Klein’s Camp concession, have breakfast, lunch, or dinner outside for a true bush dining experience.
  • Guided Nature walks;- A nature walk gives you the chance to explore Africa on foot, free from the limitations of automobiles. Watch birds, investigate a dried-up riverbed, follow in the giraffe or zebra’s footsteps, sit quietly under an old trees, discover the meaning of animal footprints, or simply walk around.
  • Maasai Community Walk;- On a village walk, you may observe a typical Maasai day while interacting with the local people. Learn about the effects of the western culture on this traditional Maasai culture by visiting a boma close to the camp.
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