Culture & History

If trekking and hiking adventures are things which can’t easily take your mind, East Africa is also famous for rich culture and history.

A cultural tour organized by luxury safaris Tanzania includes a visit to the Masai villages in Tanzania and Kenya plus other notable historical sites in place like the Oldupai Gorge museum, Amboni caves, Fort Jesus, art galleries and more.

If not that we take you to Rwanda and explore of the Bwata people. Visit the country’s genocide sites in Kigali and other places in Rwanda.

Another interesting place is Uganda, it has the Batwa people for you and other unique tribes in northern Uganda like the Karamojongs, Ike people, Matheniko and more.

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Recommended Culture & History Experiences

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"My friend and I had such a great experience with sustainable travel! We organized gorilla tracking from Canada, and corresponding with travel representatives made planning a breeze."

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