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Luxury Rwanda Safaris and Gorilla Trekking Tours

Luxury Rwanda safaris are both magnificent and dreadful in nature. Churchill did an excellent job of describing Rwanda’s beauty. Rwanda is a nation of thousand hills, smaller than Scotland but filled with natural beauty, culture, great and welcoming people, and a diverse range of wildlife.

Any African safari itinerary worth exploring is a must to include a stay at a luxurious Rwanda safari lodge. Seeing mother and child mountain gorillas on your luxury Rwanda safari is a once in a lifetime chance to witness the world’s most endangered primate species in their natural habitat. With no hesitation, in our opinion, Luxury Rwanda safaris are one of the best safaris to ever consider when planning your trip to Africa. The small country has a magical wilderness experience to offer to any visitor. The country’s wonderful people and culture are really amazing.

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Our exclusive African safari itineraries are always unique, resembling the distinct patterns of leopard spots on a coat. We will customize your safari to accommodate your own preferences instead of imposing a rigid selection of Safaris.

Top Destinations to Visit on a Luxury Rwanda Safari

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park in the Northern Corner of Rwanda is the perfect place to do gorilla trekking while on a luxury Rwanda Safari, which is the countries unrivaled main attraction. Despite the challenging hiking conditions caused by the rocky terrain and thick rain-forests, the unparalleled rewards are worth it: The Park hosts a plethora of butterflies, birds, and primates, including habituated mountain gorilla families.

Primatologist Dian Fossey oversaw a group that studied wild gorillas at the Karisoke Research Station in Volcanoes National Park. While hiking, keep an eye out for a wide variety of wildlife, including a wide range of monkey species, hogs, forest elephants, and countless bird species.

Gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe National Park is located in the southwestern corner of Rwanda and is home to one of Africa’s oldest rainforests. It encompasses more than 1019 sq km of lush Afro-montane forest, grasslands, and marshes and serves as the watershed for both the River Nile and the Congo River. A substantial regional biodiversity hotspot is made up of more than a thousand plant species, 322 bird species (including several endemic species in the Albertine Rift), 75 animal species (including thirteen primates), and the park itself.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is the perfect spot for Luxury Rwanda Safaris because of its variety of tourist activities and breathtaking spots for example the Zip-lining in the forests which provides views of one of the oldest rain forests of Africa, waterfalls, wildlife-like chimps, and other primates species.


Kigali city has a rich history filled with captivating and harrowing events. Regarded as one of the most pristine and secure cities in Africa, it is situated on top of a series of hills and valleys. The Kigali Genocide Memorial stands as a solemn testament to the tragic genocide that took place in 1994. For a comprehensive understanding of the obstacles overcome by the Rwandan people and to observe the strength of a resolute government, a visit to the memorial is highly recommended.

The streets are impeccably clean, devoid of any blemish…The success of businesses can be attributed to the effective policing system and the government’s dedication to the welfare of the country. The city’s buildings are meticulously maintained, the roads are well-kept, and the residents are both stylish and amiable. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption. All nations should regard it as a model to emulate.

There are numerous captivating marketplaces to explore, historical sites to visit, and, within a two-hour drive, the opportunity to observe gorillas. The hotels are of exceptional quality.

Akagera National Park

In the lowlands of eastern Rwanda is Akagera, the transition zone between Central African tropical forests and East African dry endless savannahs. You can view several of Africa’s most recognizable animals the Big 5, such as elephants, buffalo, hippos, giraffes, leopards, and antelopes, at Rwanda’s Akagera National Park. Wetlands and undulating grasslands surrounded by forests make for a picturesque combination. This rather small park is almost three hours’ drive from Kigali making it a perfect place for a Rwanda Safari either on a Luxury Safari, Mid-range or evening a Camping safari

Evening drives, sunset cruises, and private boat excursions are available in Akagera National Park alongside the guided Big 5 game drives. The slow restoration of the entire Big Five to the area is a part of a massive conservation effort.

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu, located in western Rwanda and part of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, is 2,700 km2 in size and encircled by majestic mountains. Its waters are a rich emerald green. Among Africa’s lakes, it ranks sixth in size and is the largest in Rwanda.
This is an ideal spot to unwind after gorilla trekking, the big town of Rubavu (formerly Gisenyi) sits on the northern side of Lake Kivu. It’s about an hour’s drive from Volcanoes National Park. The waterfront of Rubavu, which was once a notable colonial beach resort, is now studded with hotels, faded old beautiful homes, and trendy lakeside bars, perfect for sundowner cocktails.
Karongi is a well-liked beach resort situated halfway down the lake. The picturesque hillside, adorned with pines and eucalyptus, provides a picturesque backdrop to the glistening lake. As they paddle together in harmony at dawn and nightfall, the songs of the local fishermen reverberate through the water.

Lake Kivu

Gishwati Mukura National Park.

Gishwati Mukura is Rwanda’s fourth and newest national park, covering 34 square kilometers, which includes a buffer zone. It consists of two separate forests: Gishwati, the larger one, and Mukura, the smaller one.

Situated on the western side of Rwanda, the rainforest serves as a protective area between the Nile and Congo water catchment basins, located in the highly biodiverse Albertine Rift. The forest is composed of sixty different tree species, including native hardwoods and bamboo.

Gishwati is home to a diverse range of primates, including twenty chimpanzees and various species of monkeys such as golden, L’Hoest’s, and blue monkeys. There is a significant number of birds found at Mukura and Gishwati, with 163 bird species recorded at Mukura and 232 bird species at Gishwati. Some of the species are endemic to the Albertine Rift and have adapted specifically to the tropical forest environments.

Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is an experience that no traveler to Rwanda should miss while on a luxury safari in Rwanda

Hiking in the Volcanoes National Park

Hiking Safaris

Hiking enthusiasts will find a wide range of options in Rwanda. The Virunga Mountains and a portion of the Albertine Rift stretch roughly along the northern boundary of the country provides Hiking spots.

3-Day Gorilla and Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda.

Golden Monkey Trekking

Trekking through the bamboo forests lets you observe these gorgeous monkeys in their natural habitat. To prevent Golden monkey suffering, morals are required on these hikes.

Luxury Rwanda Safaris and Gorilla Trekking Tours

Chimp Trekking in Rwanda

Chimpanzee trekking excursions take place in the Nyungwe forest in Rwanda. Researchers and scientists are drawn to this expansive montane rainforest due to its status as the largest in Africa and its significance as a conservation site.

3 days rwanda gorilla trek and dian fossey hike

Rwanda Cultural Experiences

Vibrant costumes, strong movements, and rhythmic drumming bring classic dances back to life. Cultural dance groups perform at community centers, festivals, and other gatherings.

Luxury Rwanda Safaris and Gorilla Trekking Tours

Rwanda Game-Veiwing Safaris

Akagera National Park, one of Rwanda’s lesser-known gems, is ideal for Big Five viewing. A variety of wildlife live in the park’s 1,200-square-kilometer ecosystems, which include wetlands, lakes, and savannahs.

What is the best time to Visit Rwanda on your Luxury Safari?

Rwanda is most beautiful between June and September, as well as December and February, during the dry season. Mountain gorillas and chimps are easier to trek during the dry season since there is less dirt and muddy around, particularly on steep trails. Though there are various seasons to consider when planning a safari in Rwanda, the country’s small size, proximity to the equator, and high elevation provide for typically pleasant weather that is suited for year-round travel.

However, during these months of the dry season, Rwanda will be bustling with safari-goers, so the optimal time to visit would depend on the availability of Gorilla permits. The fact that Rwanda experiences heavy rainfall should not deter you from visiting this East African country.

Between March and May, when it rains more frequently, and November, when it rains less frequently, the woods and lakes will be yours to enjoy alone. During these wet seasons, gorilla permits can be more reasonably priced, and photographers may find the atmosphere to be more pleasing, as there is less contrast between the trees and the light, allowing for more sharply framed shots.

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