Ndutu Safaris in Serengeti National Park

Located in Serengeti National Park, Ndutu is a popular spot for safaris in Tanzania. A visit to Ndutu area is rewarding with great opportunities to spot top wildlife. The area has sweet expanses of grass plains that stretch from the western side of Ngorongoro Conservation Area, advancing to the southeast part of the National Park.

Ndutu Serengeti
Ndutu Serengeti

Ndutu is a top place for spotting big cats while on safaris in Serengeti National Park. These vast open expanse offer exceptional natural beauty and hosts all familiar Serengeti animals: from lion, eland, and wildebeest, to skittish bat-eared foxes and ostrich. If you get lucky enough while here you may even encounter a graceful secretary bird strolling the plains.

All you need to know about Ndutu Area in Serengeti National Park – Serengeti Safaris

The Ndutu Area of Serengeti is a great place to spot wildlife all year round. Despite teeming with wildlife year-round, the peak in terms of wildlife density is between December and April. Safaris here are rewarding as you will come across a variety of wildlife species with all big game guaranteed. For those interested in the Great wildebeest Migration, Giant herds of wildebeest and zebra are attracted by the seasonal rains pouring down and thus a place to encounter the second largest terrestrial Mammal Migration on earth. During this period the best area to see wildlife is around Lake Ndutu, in the heart of the wildebeest gathering. This is also a great time to witness the calving of wildebeest as many female wildebeest give birth to countless calves and therefore makeup one of the highlights of the Great Migration.

Ndutu Serengeti
Ndutu Serengeti

The place has plenty of sweet grasses for the young herbivores to graze on and the wildebeest usually stay a little longer here. All these young herbivores serve as a magnet to predators with the result of southeastern Serengeti becoming the dramatic scene of new life and death. Ndutu area is a great place to spot these big cats as they exercise their hunting skill in the wild.  The vachellia woodlands surrounding the lakes provide shelter to a range of birds not to be found elsewhere in the Serengeti. Some of the most thought of bird species here include Fischer’s lovebird. If you are lucky enough and stay alert, you may spot a fantastically colored Fischer’s lovebird. The great adventure here attracts a lot of visitors and thus during the peak seasons, it may be crowded and thus traffic. Those interested in having an adventure in a quiet and relaxing environment are advised to book during the low seasons.

Safari experience in Ndutu Area – why Visit Ndutu Area – Serengeti

The area is a special place to spot wildlife. Kopjes form microhabitat is home to non-plains wildlife such as rock hyrax, klipspringer, leopard, and various cliff-nesting raptors. While here you will also see Lions. As the name suggests, Simba Koppies, on the main road between Seronera and the Ngorongoro Crater Area is good for lion sightings. The other part to visit while here are the grasslands around the Gol Koppies. This area is best for excellent viewing of cheetahs and lions. Although trees flourish on the sides of koppies, a striking feature of the surrounding plains is its lack of trees altogether.

Ndutu Serengeti
Ndutu Serengeti

Other frequently asked questions

Is Ndutu part of the Serengeti?

Located in the southeastern part of Serengeti, Ndutu Area is part of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area that stretches to the unfenced southern part of the Serengeti National Park. The area is teeming with plenty of wildlife such as elephants, hyenas, giraffes and big cats, all year round. Safaris here can be rewarding with exceptional sightseeing experiences.

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