Wildebeest Migration Maasai Mara Kenya

Wow! What a wonderful experience! Wildebeest Migration Maasai Mara viewing in Kenya’s premier Masai Mara is awful and unforgettable due to the abundance of wildlife and the spectacular landscapes.

The country encounters gently rolling hills and wide-open plains; this is the quintessential African safari experience. On your Luxury safari in Kenya, expect to encounter large numbers of animals year-round, with big herds of elephants, buffalo, and other plains game. Interaction of predators is also most common on safaris in Kenya.

What is the Great Wildebeest Migration?

Wildebeest Migration Maasai Mara
Wildebeest Migration Maasai Mara

The Great Migration in Kenya’s Masai Mara is an all-year-round event, where over 1.5 million wildebeest upon thousands of zebra and other grazers start their long legendary journey of over 1,800 miles, embarked on cyclic movement in a large round trek from the drier lands in Tanzania, heading towards the north to Kenya’s Masai Mara in search for lush grass to graze.

The most preferable time to witness the Great Migration is during the dry season between July and October when you can also witness the wildebeest crossing the blood-thirsty Mara River infested with crocodiles that lie in the waters in the long wait for their prey.

Masai Mara

What a wonderful place you have to be in to get the most amazing views of wildlife. Loads of animals can be seen here in abundance. While in the country’s Masai Mara reserve, you can see various species of animals that live there in freedom within their natural habitat.

It is very exciting to receive a direct look from a lion, a zebra, or a wildebeest, without a barrier in between, a glass or a gate. Just a couple of kilometers from the entrance, herbivorous mammals such as zebras, wildebeest, and gazelles can be spotted in large numbers; a little further away you can see giraffes, elephants, buffalo, and elands; beyond the cats, cheetahs and lions. Migration and magical nature are at their best during this season. What an unforgettable experience!

Visiting the Mara Triangle in Nairobi

Mara Triangle in Nairobi
Mara Triangle in Nairobi

– The Mara Triangle is an amazing place, especially for the children. In the Mara triangle, children will have a great opportunity to see all the big five during the game drive. The game drive rangers also educated travelers on the difference of the animal species in the various parks as well as how to identify the female animals from the male ones.

While on your safari at the Mara Triangle it is also best advised to make sure you get a Maasai safari guide that respects the rules and doesn’t drive off the designated roads for your cherished photos. It is also best to be firm with them and tell them you expect them to honor the rules if at all they do something unpleasant.

Driving off the grid tears up the bush and is not respectful to the animals thus your trip is all yours here so you’re the controller of everything. In most cases, you will find your trip more peaceful and very relaxing. The Mara Triangle is definitely a must-visit during your safari in Kenya.

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