Top Things to do in Dar es salaam Tanzania

Thinking of the  best things to do in Dar es Salaam the largest and business hub of Tanzania, think no further we’ve got you covered. This article will enlight you about the Top things to do in Dar es salaam while on your Tanzania Safari either for a wildlife safari or a beach holiday in the Zanzibar Islands.

Dar es Salaam is an Arabic Word meaning  “haven of peace,” Dar es Salaam grew from a little fishing village to become the capital of Tanzania and one of the busiest ports in East Africa. Up to 1974, when Dodoma took over, Dar es Salaam served as Tanzania’s capital.

Its hold on the most important administrative bodies in the country is still greater. With almost 6 million people, the city is a business and industrial center. Rich history and a beachfront location on the Indian Ocean are the main attractions of the city. Architectural styles found in the city include German, Asian, and British.

Like other big cities in underdeveloped nations, this one has bottlenecks and traffic jams. On hectic city center evenings, your only choice may be to take a motorbike or a tuk-tuk. Many times, visitors view Dar es Salaam more as a gateway to the nation’s main rural national parks and the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba than as a stand-alone significant tourist destination. Beautiful beaches abound in Dar es Salaam, but there are also a ton of other tourist destinations including museums, botanical gardens, monuments, artisan centers, shopping malls, dining establishments, nightclubs, and nightlife.

Bars and Night Clubs.

There are a lot of posh pubs and clubs in the downtown area and the suburbs where you may unwind after a hard day at work or on the weekend. High Spirit and Havoc Nightspot are the places to go if you’re looking for the best wines and music. If you are looking for a place to watch the latest soccer tournaments on big screens, your search ends with Slow Leopard. Enjoy one of their many imported beers while you wait for the game to begin.
If you’re looking for a great music bar, you should visit Jollies Club or O’Donovan’s Reggae Bar. Walking at night in Dar es Salaam is quite risky. Get a ride or go with a reliable companion.

Go For Shopping

If you’re looking for a wonderful place to shop in Dar es Salaam, you should definitely check out The Slipway, which is located on Yacht Club Road. Several shops and boutiques selling trendy clothing from all over the world may be found in this neighborhood. In addition to the grocery store and bookstore, the building also has a motel. The Slipway is a popular hangout for expats and city dwellers in quest of rare and unusual components.
After a day of shopping, unwind at The Waterfront, an outdoor restaurant and bar, where you can savor international cuisine while taking in breathtaking views of Msasani Bay. To go fishing or explore the islands outside of the city, there are several boats and departure sites at The Slipway.

Take Ride on a Tanzania Tuk tuk.

Just like in Mombasa, Kenya, a trip to Dar es Salaam isn’t complete unless you get on one of these unique bikes. They are similar to those used in several Asian countries. Using a tuk-tuk is the best way to travel around crowded cities and to areas that automobiles would have problems reaching. They are cheap and easy to come by. In order to get a good deal, you should be prepared to bargain, depending on your destination. You can also hire it for fun or to include on a city tour.

Back the Hawksbill turtle breeding project.

Though there are groups working to protect the few that survive, the hawksbill turtle is one of the most endangered creatures in the world. Say Sea Sense, for instance. Organisers of the tour have made it their personal mission to protect reptiles away from their nesting places. They ensure a good hatching of turtle eggs and a successful return of most juvenile turtles to the sea. After a boat trip, visitors are accompanied by informed guides to the hatching ground in Masaki. The Hawksbills conservation project receives most of the earnings.

Visit the Sawasdee Restaurant.

Go to the Sawasdee restaurant in the New Africa Hotel for the most amazing vistas of Dar es Salaam and its port. This Thai restaurant offers mouthwatering food and changes up its seating configurations so you can enjoy breathtaking city views while you dine.

Look at the buildings from the colonial era.

Under the rule of the Sultan of Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam grew to be a well-known city in the 1800. It became the principal administrative and commercial hub of Tanzania after German and then British conquests. A monument to the inventiveness of its Arab, British, and German residents is the architecture of the city. Among the noteworthy examples are the Azania Front Lutheran Church, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, and several mosques. Rebuilding the State House in 1922, the British included architectural elements from Arabia, Europe, and Africa. Later on, in the context of their own charms, some of these architectural marvels will be covered.

Visit the Askari Monument.

Askari Monument represents that Tanzania was one of the African countries that sent troops to the British during World War I. A part of the Carrier Corps were Tanzanian troops. Their memory is honored by the Askari memorial. With his bayonet aimed toward the harbor, the bronze sculpture shows a World War I soldier dressed in full military gear. Famous British poet and novelist Rudyard Kipling has produced an inscription honoring the valiant warriors. The Askari Monument may be found near the intersection of Samora Avenue and Maktaba Street.

Visit the Colonial Churches.

Near the port, in 1898, German missionaries built this famous building. From the water, its roof of red tiles is rather noticeable. Several of the most well-known sights in the city are close to the cathedral. There will be a guide to show you around the chapel anytime you visit. Another notable feature on the church grounds is the bell tower and the interior design. Settle down in the lovely church gardens or join the locals in prayer. You might even be requested to donate by the church.

Built by German Catholic missionaries between 1897 and 1902 was the majestic St. Joseph Cathedral as well. The principal cathedral of the Dar es Salaam archdiocese also happens to be this harbor landmark. Among the intriguing architectural features included in the Cathedral’s construction are a vaulted interior, stained-glass windows, and a shingled spire. Among the places you can observe inscriptions and artwork largely in German are above the altar.

Temple Road.

The bulk of the local Hindu temples are located along this road. Here is where anyone interested in Hindu architecture or just seeking a quiet place to meditate can find it.

Enjoy kite-boarding.

World-class kite boarding is found in Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. As temperatures in the US and Europe drop below freezing in the winter, kite surfing is growing in popularity among visitors in Tanzania. The warm winter air coming from the Indian Ocean could be a welcome respite. Though it is possible in a few other locations, kite surfing is best enjoyed in Paje village on the island of Zanzibar. In addition to renting the kites, Kunduchi Kite School instructs novice riders. Lessons are only conducted in nice weather conditions.

Sail with the Dar es Salaam Yacht Club:

You might fit in well with this club if you like water activities or are interested in sailing but not very good. Among other activities, the group plans sport fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, and beginning instruction. You can take your family to fun-filled secluded ocean areas off limits to others. At the club, you can also network with a lot of powerful people.

Pugu Hills Reserve.

About 25 kilometers separate this reserve from the city. In this reserve, which offers birdwatching, trekking, caving, and other activities, take some time to unwind away from the city. Its diversity is very amazing. Weekend visitors are in large numbers. A more private tour might be best enjoyed during the week.

Take the kids to Kunduchi Water Park.

A terrific weekend family destination is Kunduchi Water Park. It may, according to some, be the biggest theme park or water park in East Africa. Family groups looking to learn how to swim will find the park, which is located in the northern section of the city, ideal. Either stroll up to an elevated platform and leap into one of the pools, or float down the river. Children will be kept occupied all day long by the park’s assortment of play areas, go-kart track, and swimming pools. A wealth of restaurants and bars offering all your favorite beverages and nibbles are located on the property.

Explore the Botanical Gardens.

The headquarters of the Dar es Salaam Horticultural Society are located in the Botanical Gardens. Founded in 1893 by the first Director of Agriculture, the gardens offered a venue for the assessment of novel tree and agricultural varieties. Nature lovers now visit for reasons other than tranquility; they are drawn to the unusual plants, which include crimson hibiscus, purple bougainvillea, blue jacaranda, and scarlet flame trees. These gardens, however smaller overall because of encroachments, are home to the unique coco-de-mer palm tree, which is only found on the Seychelles islands.

Make a Visit to Bagamoyo.

German East African colonies included Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda, with this historic town acting as its capital. Along with Mombasa and Lamu, Bagamoyo offers stunning scenery. Swahili culture thrived because of intermarriages between native East Africans and the first Arabs to arrive on the island. Visit Bagamoyo if you want to explore historic mosques and churches as well as stunning beaches. Additionally located nearby is Chuo Cha Sanaa, the only university in the area dedicated to art. Should your schedules line out, you might just get to attend the Bagamoyo Festival of Arts and Culture. Being an annual event, this festival draws a large crowd and lights up a typically sleepy town.

Visit the Jangwani and Mbudya Islands.

Lovely beaches in Janwani and Mbudya would be ideal for relaxing after touring Bongoyo Island. Being maritime reserves, these islands are uninhabited. Long lengths of white sand, turquoise waves, and lovely palm trees make this Indian Ocean beach much like any other: the ideal spot to unwind and unwind after a tough day at work. Furthermore, the water is so clean that you may swim and snorkel there, and they are better preserved than most nearby.
Savor seafood, grilled meats, cool drinks, and more while on the island. The only means of getting to these two islands is by rented boat. There is accommodation in totally independent thatched huts.

Dive with magnificent whale sharks.

Whale sharks throng the Mafia Coast from October to March in the quest of the abundant plankton that lives there. Swimming with these incredible animals would be a great experience if you are daring and fortunate enough to be in Dar es Salaam on vacation. All of the Mafia resorts set up quick trips.

Experience the splendor of Kigamboni Beach.

This beach is located in the southern region of Dar es Salaam. The primary means of transportation to reach the location is by taking the ferry. Ferries are capable of transporting large vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. Kigamboni Beach stands apart from the bustling city core due to its consistently tranquil atmosphere. Beachfront hotels and lodges offer a perfect starting point to see the region, engage in swimming activities, dine, and relish the invigorating waves and breeze of the Indian Ocean.

Visit Zanzibar.

Once you have thoroughly toured all the islands and beaches in Dar es Salaam, you discover that you have some additional leisure time available. Zanzibar is an essential destination to visit. Including a visit to this breathtaking island should be a top priority for any tourist traveling to Tanzania. This island is considered one of the top African beach destinations due to its white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and diverse wildlife both land and sea. Enjoy a wide range of exhilarating water sports, indulge in refreshing swimming sessions, unwind with relaxation activities, and explore the captivating scenery of the old town, its historical landmarks, and the aromatic spice fields. We are currently writing an article about the tourist attractions in Zanzibar.

Explore and do some kanga shopping at Uhuru Street.

A vividly-hued textile called a kanga is draped across the body. The rectangular shape is embellished with intricate patterns and phrases in the original language. The majority of women in Dar es Salaam possess their kanga. The locals hold them in high esteem. They utilize them to raise infants or elevate objects. Premium materials and designs are purchased on Uhuru Street.

Indulge in both international and regional Swahili dishes.

This culturally diverse city is home to a wide variety of restaurants serving local and international cuisines. Popular dishes in the area include grilled or skewered pork (mishkaki) and roasted goat’s flesh (Nyama Choma). You can’t go wrong with mishkaki, especially when paired with some chips, tomatoes, or chili sauce. What are the best spots to obtain both international and regional cuisine?

At Mamboz Corner BBQ, you can get grilled chicken in an African style; at Grace Shop, you can get regional specialties like ugali and mchicha. Not only does Chef’s Pride have the best Swahili cuisine, but they also provide nyama choma, masala chips, roasted or fried chicken, chapatti, and mishkaki. Also worth mentioning are Ali’s, Barbecue House, and Gembros Eatery, all of which specialize in regional food.

In addition, all across the city you may find restaurants that provide Indian, French, Italian, and Chinese food. The Ethiopian cuisine of Dar’s Addis is widely considered to be second to none. In case you were wondering where to locate Indian cuisine, the best spot to do it is in the Upanga area, which is located in the heart of the city. Patel Grounds, Delhi Dar Bar, Bawarchi, and Chapan Bhog are just a few of the many Indian restaurants in the area. Ziane Trattoria (Pizzas) and Epi d’Or (Bakery) are great places to meet Tanzanian expats. For a more refined dining experience, try one of the popular buffets at the Serena Hotel.
The simple peasant and the working class both adore street food. Street vendors offer a variety of meals, including chapatis, roasted maize, groundnuts, roasted chicken, and snacks. You may usually find vendors selling street cuisine in busy city centers.

Climbing Mountains.

Udzungwa Mountains National Park in the south of Tanzania offers some of the best climbing opportunities in the country. Getting to the park from Dar es Salaam by car takes approximately 1-2 hours.  As part of the mountain climbing adventure, you’ll have to walk through thick forests and past waterfalls. You might see several rare birds, primates, and butterflies as you go through the trail. Climbing the top takes around three-quarters of a day. To avoid becoming dehydrated and starved, it is essential to have snacks and drinks for the hike.

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