Seronera Safaris in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Seronera is indulged deep in the heart of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Seronera is famed as a capital for predator sightings in Serengeti. Home to the oldest tourist lodge in Tanzania, a must-visit while in Serengeti National Park. Safaris in Serengeti National park will grant you a chance to visit Seronera and all we can guarantee is an exceptional adventure for you while here.

The southeast of Seronera becomes the center of wildlife viewing during the December-April rain season as vast herds of wildebeest congregate here in this period. Those in love with wildlife, and adventure will have incredible experiences while here. Dumbed predator capital of the world, sightings of leopard, cheetah, and lion is (almost) guaranteed while here. Safaris in Seronera can get more interesting during the peak season as you will meet several other travelers with great opportunities to interact. The peak of wildlife and visitor activity in Seronera is between March and May, the period in which the wildebeest and their entourage are found in the area in large numbers.

It also is a pleasant area to be as it offers a variety of different habitats and water is available year-round. The upsides, abundant wildlife, great accessibility, and many facilities however come with a price that is pocket friendly and perhaps most affordable. It is important to realize that parts of this area experience very high visitor traffic and thus those who would prefer having a relaxing and quiet safari are recommended to book safaris here during the low season. Our team of travel planners and safari experts will offer you all the necessary advice on when to book your safari to Serengeti with a visit to Seronera accordingly.

Seronera River in Serengeti Tanzania
Seronera River in Serengeti Tanzania

Seronera is home to the visitor information center, which includes a small museum, coffee shop, picnic area, and staff village. The area is best for safaris as it is surrounded by a cluster of campsites and lodges near the visitor’s center for you to relax during safaris. It is the best safari destination for balloon safaris in Serengeti National Park and those interested in the activity will make it here. This truly is the heart of Serengeti National Park, a place to be for the real wilderness experience.

Where to experience game viewing experience in Seronera – Serengeti National Park

For excellent lion sightings, you will visit the banks of the Seronera River, here you will have opportunities for big cats as they hunt their prey. The riverbank is home to one of the world’s densest populations of leopards. The sausage trees and umbrella thorns rank among the best places in Africa to search for leopards – there are too few tall trees for these elusive creatures to be well-hidden.

Seronera Valley in Central Serengeti Tanzania
Seronera Valley in Central Serengeti Tanzania

Several lions prides in the area have also taken to the trees regularly in recent years, particularly during the rains, a paradise for big cat adventure. The other wildlife species that can be spotted include the Cheetah, Black Rhinos, wildebeest, and lot more. Seronera has exceptional beauty comprising of the open sweet grassland, dotted with several rock outcrops known as koppies.

Seronera is a top place for witnessing the Great Wildebeest Migration with exceptional numbers of these mammal grazers congregating here in large numbers.

Other frequently asked questions

What does Seronera mean?

Located in central Serengeti National Park, Seronera is a top place for safaris. Seronera is actually derived from the Maasai word ‘Aaron’ meaning the place of the bat-eared fox. A must-visit while in Serengeti for big cat sightseeing.

What is special about Seronera?

Seronera is best known for big cat safaris and perhaps the best place to spot the big cats. Seronera is also home to the Great wildebeest Migration, a world natural wonder where millions of mammal grazers move in a long round trek of drier lands.

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