Ngorongoro Tented Camp

Lemala Ngorongoro Tented Camp

The Lemala Ngorongoro Tented camp is situated at the rim of the magnificent Ngorongoro crater in the ancient acacia forest. Set right in the Ngorongoro conservation area near the quiet and easy access road to the crater floor, usually guests at Lemala Ngorongoro Tented camp are 1 hour ahead of the other guests in the Ngorongoro crater since the drive down to the crater floor is 10 to 15 minutes. This makes it easy for Wildlife photographers who demand for the best light conditions which can be obtained in the early morning hours and the ate evening. 

Ngorongoro Tented Camp
Ngorongoro Tented Camp

Rooms in Ngorongoro Tented Camp

Lemala Ngorongoro Tented camp has 9 elegant and spacious rooms that are strategically positioned to display fantastic views of the crater and the animals roaming around. The rooms are positioned in the pristine acacia forest environment to provide guest privacy and luxury experience. Each room is fully furnished and equipped by;- 

  • 2queen-sized beds  
  • Grand sofas 
  • An En suite bathroom 
  • Hot water bottles 
  • Bookshelves 
  • Winter weight duvets 
  • Charging facilities 

General Facilities in Ngorongoro Tented Camp

  • 24 hour solar electricity supply 
  • Internet access 
  • Bar and lounge 
  • Restaurant 
  • Game viewing vehicles 

Activities in Ngorongoro Tented Camp

Ngorongoro Tented Camp
Ngorongoro Tented Camp
  • Game drives;– Experience a day and night game drive in one of the prime wildlife areas in the open 4×4 vehicles in the Serengeti plains and the Ngorongoro conservation area with the expert guides. At Lemala, you will enjoy game viewing all year round with no interference. 
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