Kuria Hills Lodge

Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge

 Lemala Kuria Hills are situated along the primary corridor of the well-known wildebeest migration between July and October because they are near to the Mara River on the Serengeti’s boundary with Kenya’s Maasai Mara. The remote location of Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge in the Wogakuria Hills in the Northern Serengeti  is a picturesque area with green rolling hills, open woodland, and tree-lined watercourses that serves as a refuge for wildlife all year long. 

Lemala Kuria Hills lodge offers luxury, unmatched comfort and refinement, and you can choose between relaxing in a luxurious style or taking advantage of the fantastic game viewing experience in the Northern Serengeti away from the crowds with experienced guides in open 4×4 safari vehicles. 

Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge
Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge

Rooms in Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge

Lemala Kuria Hills are well of known for their massive granite boulders and kopjes, and each of the 15  glass-fronted tented rooms have been subtly tucked away amid the enormous rocks to offer maximum solitude and breathtaking views from the open decks. Each room has an exquisite and sophisticated design with cozy, contemporary décor that are accentuated by genuine African touches. Magnificent kopjes dominate the common rooms, and visitors may take in the expansive views of the grasslands from the bar, sitting and dining areas, and swimming pool. Each room comprises of;- 

  • A super king-sized bed 
  • An en-suite bathroom 
  • An outside shower 
  • Internet 
  • Private deck 
  • Plunge pool 

General facilities in Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge

  • A bar and lounge 
  • A Restaurant 
  • Swimming pool 
  • Internent access 
  • 4×4 open game viewing vehicles 
  • Gift shop 

Activities in Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge

Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge
Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge
  • Game drives;- Embark on day or night wildlife drives with one of our knowledgeable guides. For an amazing safari trip in Tanzania’s naturally rich Northern Circuit, Visitors enjoy excellent game viewing all year round because of strategic siting in top wildlife regions. 
  • Hot Air Balloon;- A hot air balloon safari provides a chance to experience the Serengeti from a different angle. As you silently glide above the vast Serengeti plains in whichever direction the wind takes you. One can land for the unforgettable bush breakfast, you can also follow a sizable herd of wildebeest, watch a lion stalk its food, or simply take in the breathtaking surroundings. This is the location to take a balloon ride if you only ever take one.
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