Best Time to Visit Serengeti National Park

Best Time to Visit Serengeti National Park

Tanzania is a country of diverse landscape and the terrain is widely visited and popular for wildlife viewing but this Serengeti National Park is an all-year-round national park in Tanzania where its beauty is just endless the For the migration the best time is February. since this is the perfect timing for wildebeests migration are dropping their calves around the Ndutu area and this keeps them in a specific area.

It also attracts a lot of predators such as lions Cheetahs, hyenas, and leopards, on another hand the best time still would include or depend on your interests, if you’re a beach lover definitely Zanzibar beaches would not leave you the same if you spend at least five days and this is best to be visited around July-September these are the best time when Europe is experiencing winter, those who really want to experience the last section of the migration, definitely, the Northern circuit is the answer. spend a few days to look for a better wildlife experience. for example, 3 nights in Tarangire, visit Manyara on your way to Ngorongoro, Serengeti towards the Mara river this is always answered here at we try to bring to you all the necessary information regarding when is the best time to visit Serengeti and Tanzania in general regarding migration, weather, and money.

This iconic place too such as Nanyukie would be great for cats all year round and the wildebeest migration November December as the herds move South through the eastern Serengeti. It’s hard to imagine the scale of the full migration when you consider that this mass of animals maybe only at Ndutu.


If you’re a wildlife photographer or animal lover, going on a safari in Africa will be a dream come true especially in this pandemic where everyone is tired of being at home for so long. You’ve probably watched movies of all kinds due to too much lockdown and much staying indoors, Africa will definitely heal your wounds as you spend much time watching the big five, seeing baby gorillas as they play with each other its self is mind-blowing and chasing the clouds and the sun all these would bring your soul back to the right position. if you have watched nature documentaries and the Lion King and wondered what it might be like to, go to Africa and see these amazing creatures for yourself don’t wait for anyone to explain to you, can you imagine keeping eye to eye contact with majestic mountain gorillas? How about the lovely leopards with their piercing green eyes? also did you know that, Unlike lions, leopards are solitary safari animals so you will rarely see more than one at a time  . be the film actor of yourself, Maybe you’re wondering what African animals behave in the wilderness, the answer is one pack your things and go among the trusted companies that would arrange these together with a reputable company is  Active African vacations.


everyone who pays a visit to this great Serengeti National Park always experiences a great time the place has a lot more to offer than what most may think, the great entertaining news about this oasis in the middle of Africa because of the famous wildebeest migration in Serengeti Tanzania but that’s not all that Tanzania offers, the attraction ranges from the great plains of Serengeti to the top of Africa at Kilimanjaro peak .expect the land to be so diverse with other varieties of animals.

Everyone’s jaw might drop once you get to Naabi gate a point at which your adventure happiness begins. This is just the eyes get to see endless plains pouring in front of you,  seeing impalas and zebras in large groups plus thousands of wildebeest both migrant and resident beasts, why about elephants and a big number of lions prides all close to your safari jeep is an adventure on its own you may be lucky enough to spot the elusive cheetahs as they make their way into the tall grasses. large herds of elephants around the soronera and Ndutu plains are another story to tell., lazy hippos laying in their pools, Ostrich, gazelles, and shy leopards taking naps in the trees. Tanzania is another paradise in the African settings which leaves everyone speechless with beautiful memories when everyone always thinks of making a revisit to this majestic Serengeti park if there’s a way to give a six-star to this park I would absolutely do so. why don’t you pay a visit to this lovely African paradise in the wilderness?

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