10 Days Best of Kilimanjaro Trekking Northern Circuit Route

10 Days Northern Circuit Route is a safari package designed to take travelers through the north instead of following the southern traverse like all the other west approaching routes. The Northern Circuit traverses the mountain around the quiet, rarely visited northern slopes with a rare experience of nature. While you trek, you will see nearly 360 degrees of beautiful scenery as you traverse the mountain at 13,000 feet. As the longest route on Kilimanjaro, the Northern Circuit also has the longest acclimatization time, giving you the highest chance of reaching the summit successfully.

Beginning at Londorossi Gate and ending at Mweka Gate in Moshi Town, this 10-day Northern Circuit route on Kilimanjaro begins at 5,895 meters and traverses Africa’s highest peak. The usual amount of time spent trekking each day is between 5-7 hours, which gives enough time to acclimate and enjoy the experience on the Mountain.

The newest and longest route on Mount Kilimanjaro, this 10-day climb via the Northern Circuit takes place over the course of 10 days. It showcases the mountain’s remarkable biodiversity by taking you through a range of ecosystems and landscapes, offering an immersive experience. If you want to improve your chances of safely reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro, the 10-day Kilimanjaro via Northern Circuit is the way to go. This is because it allows for better altitude acclimation. To avoid altitude sickness and have a more pleasant ascent, proper acclimatization is essential.

10 days of pure bliss Many people think that the Northern Circuit Route is the greatest way to climb Kilimanjaro because it has so many great features. I highly recommend the Northern Circuit as the top Mount Kilimanjaro route if you are seeking stunning natural beauty, plenty of isolation, a good challenge, and the possibility of seeing creatures.

Tour Overview – 10 Days Northern Circuit Route

  • Day #1: Airport pick-up and transfer to the lodge
  • Day #2:  Transfer from Londorossi Gate and hike to Forest Camp
  • Day #3:  Hike from Forest Camp to Shira Camp 1
  • Day #4:  From Shira Camp 1 to Shira 2
  • Day #5:  Shira Hut to Moir Hut
  • Day #6:  Moir Camp (4,200 meters) to Buffalo Camp (4,020 meters)
  • Day #7:  Buffalo Camp (4,020 m) to Rongai Third Cave (3,800 m)
  • Day #8:  3rd Cave (3,800 meters) to School Hut (4,800 meters
  • Day #9:  School Hut (4,800 m) to Uhuru Peak (5,895 m) to Millennium Camp (3,950 m)
  • Day 10:  Millennium Camp to Moshi
Northern Circuit Route
Northern Circuit Route

Day by day detailed itinerary for 10 Days Best of Kilimanjaro Trekking Northern Circuit Route

Day 1: Arrival at the Airport and transfer to the Hotel.

Upon our arrival to Tanzania, you will be picked up by a professional guide from Kilimanjaro International Airport and you will be driven to your accommodation in Moshi town.

At a later time, you will meet your knowledgeable mountain guide, who will brief you thoroughly on the hike and check that you have everything you need by doing an equipment check. Spend this time relaxing, recharging your batteries, and getting your mind ready for what’s to come in the mountain.

Meals Plan: Dinner

Day 2: Transfer from Moshi to Londorossi Gate and hike to Forest Camp.

Early in the morning, you depart Moshi for Londorossi Gate which will takeabout 2 hours, where you will complete entry formalities. We then drive to the Lemosho trailhead and arrive in time for lunch. Afterward, we walk through the undisturbed forest, which winds to the first campsite

Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Day 3: Forest Camp to Shira Camp 1

You continue on the trail leading out of the forest and into a savannah of tall grasses, heather, and volcanic rock draped with lichen beards. As we ascend through the rolling hills and cross several streams, we reach the Shira Ridge before dropping gently down to Shira 1 camp. Here you will have an amazing view of Kibo from across the plateau.

Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

DAY 04: Shira Camp 1 – Shira Camp 2

We explore Shira plateau for a full day, one of the highest plateaus on earth. It is a gentle walk towards Kibo’s glaciered peak, across the plateau, which leads to Shira 2 camp on moorland meadows by a stream. A variety of walks are available on Lent Hills making this an excellent acclimatization opportunity.

Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 5: Shira Hut to Mior Hut

Today, we trek in high altitude and sleep in a low altitude, which is good for the acclimatization process. We spent the morning trekking up to Lava Tower and the iconic Shark’s Tooth rock formation at 4,600 meters where you will have lunch. After, we head down to the northern circuit to Moir Camp at 4,200 meters.

Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Day 6: Moir Camp to Buffalo Camp

We leave Moir Valley and take a short walk to reach the summit of Little Lent Hill at 4,375 meters with amazing views. After, we return to the trail and head eastwards throughout the northern circuit path to Buffalo Camp. Here, you will be welcomed with a vast space of Kenyan plains stretch out far below to the north.

Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 7: Buffalo Camp to Rongai Third Cave

Today, the trek will be shorter and you should be feeling well acclimatized to the altitude. We climb up the Buffalo ridge and down into Porfu Camp where lunch will be served. The route then continues east around the northern slopes to the Rongai Third Cave at 3,800 meters. You will arrive at the Third Cave just around mid-afternoon.

Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Day 8: Third Cave to School Hut

After breakfast, we ascend to The Saddler, a lunar panorama between the peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi. Afterward, we proceed upwards and arrive at School Hut Campsite early in the afternoon. You can spend the rest of the day relaxing and preparing for the summit day.

Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Day 9: School Hut to Uhuru Peak and Descend to Millennium Camp

10 days Best of Kilimanjaro Trekking Northern Circuit Route
Uhuru peak Kilimanjaro

We’ll start our ascent by midnight and use torchlight so that we can reach the Crater rim by daybreak. It will be a steep climb for about 5 or 6 hours over unfastened volcanic scree up to Gilmans stage (5,685 m). We shall rest there for a while admiring the daybreak over Mawenzi. The trail leads west alongside the crater rim to Uhuru Peak (5,896 m), passing close to the spectacular glaciers and ice cliffs that additionally occupy quite a lot of the summit area. We then retrace our steps alongside the crater rim to Stella Stage. Afterward, we descend down to Barafu Camp stopping at Barafu for lunch. Here you might need gaiters and trekking poles for the loose gravel going down. Mweka Camp is situated in the upper forest and mist or rain can be expected in the late afternoon. Later in the evening, we enjoy our last dinner on the mountain and a well-earned sleep.

Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Day 10: Millennium Camp to Moshi

After breakfast, we continue the descent down to the Mweka Park Gate to receive your summit certificates. At lower elevations, it can be wet and muddy so Gaiters and trekking poles will help. From the gate, we continue another hour to Mweka Village where our vehicle awaits to drive you back to the Hotel in Moshi.

Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

End of 10 Days Northern Circuit Route

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